UFC 130 Edgar Vs. Maynard III – Saturday May 28th

UFC 130 has great potential to be a great fight, even though the headline fighters are nothing to wow about. But Edgar versus Maynard for the third time and a title fight can be one of the most explosive UFC fights for the year assuming that both fighters realize this will probably be the last time the fight  each other and it is for the Championship belt. It is very rare that 2 fighters in any sport will fight each other again past 3 fights.

The other fight that can really have an exciting impact is Rampage Jackson and Matt Hamill. Matt has been one of the most technical wrestlers in the UFC but is coming off some great wins. Rampage is still a devastating striker but has had troubles finishing fights in the past few matches. Bothfighters have something to prove especially if they want to make a run for the Light Heavy Weight Title.


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