Gracie Barra, Carlos Gracie Jr. Jiu-Jitsu – Corona, California

Classes taught by Certified Gracie Barra Instructor and Brown Belt Tom Reusing. Tom is a student of Professor Ricardo Guimaraes, Gracie Barra Black Belt in Temecula Ca.

  • Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Competition
  • Self defense
  • Discipline
  • Wellness
  • and just plain FUN!

“We are proud to provide ongoing training to the City of Corona Police Department Defensive Tactics Team. The CDT Team is an elite team of Police Officers that teach “hand to hand” fighting skills to the City of Corona’s Police Force.

We also provide training and facilities for the CHP and many of our students are Riverside, Corona, OC, CHP and LA police officers.”

“There are many wonderful benefits and insights I have received from practicing the art of Jiu-Jitsu; confidence, humility, the satisfaction of developing some proficiency in an art that requires time, faith and dedication, greater connection between my body and mind, the realization that something that appears mostly physical can be very mental an infinitely complex and technical, the good feeling being part of an elite and passionate brotherhood and sisterhood that knows common challenges and victories, a better understanding of myself and my fellows. One of the most beautiful things about this ever evolving art and the reason for my original fascination with it is its simplicity and practicality. Jiu-Jitsu works! And because it works practitioners are instilled with a deep “knowing” that if they have to defend themselves or their family they will fair well, even if their assailant is larger and stronger. They have paid for this comfort, in advance. They walk without fear. To pass this knowledge forward, to help people develop this confidence and peace, that permeates every other aspect of their life for the better, is a joy and a privilege. Finally in accordance with the second half of our motto “….fighting like a family!” my commitment is to an environment of compassion among artists and a desire to help each other reach his or her full potential, as it was in my teachers dojo.

~Instructor Tom Reusing (Head Instructor)


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